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Seasoned St. Louis, MO Criminal Justice Attorney Lodges a Strong Defense

When you are facing criminal charges for DUI, assault, theft or any other serious matter, the potential outcome of your case largely relies on the experience, skill and persistence of the St. Louis criminal justice attorney you select to defend your rights. Since 1991, The Scopel Law Firm has protected the rights of individuals in St. Louis and the surrounding area. We have represented clients in many complex and serious criminal cases and we are equipped to zealously defend your rights.

Proven St. Louis, MO Criminal Defense Lawyer

Rand Scopel, the founding attorney of our firm, is a seasoned criminal defense attorney who has practiced for more than 33 years. This extensive experience has allowed him to develop the robust knowledge and skill necessary to zealously defend clients who are facing serious charges. He upholds the highest of standards, which has garnered him a solid reputation in the legal community which has culminated in him receiving a distinguished rating by Martindale-Hubbell for 2016 and being ranked as one of the “Top Attorneys of North America for 2016” by the “Who’s Who” directory. Local prosecutors, judges and fellow defense attorneys respect Mr. Scopel and his unwavering dedication to his clients
Mr. Scopel’s intimate knowledge of Missouri criminal statutes and strong trial performance ensure that your case is in capable hands. Mr. Scopel represents criminal defense clients facing serious misdemeanor and felony charges and he will provide sound advice and legal representation at the most effective level. If you are looking for a St. Louis, MO criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Scopel is here to help.

Protecting You from Serious Consequences

When you are facing serious criminal charges, you are confronting some of the most intimidating consequences possible. You could be looking at years behind bars, followed by a criminal record in Missouri that will follow you around for years with the potential to block your access to jobs, educational opportunities and certain neighborhoods or housing accommodations. When you are facing these potential life-altering consequences, you need representation from an experienced St. Louis criminal attorney with the knowledge and skillet to zealously defend your rights.

Why You Should Choose Scopel Law

If you are searching for a St. Louis, Missouri criminal defense lawyer to defend you, there are several reasons why you should consider Scopel Law, including our:
• Exemplary record of trial victories and favorable plea agreements
• Exceptional courtroom skills
• Proven trial experience
• Personalized attention to every case
• More than 33 years of experience
• Esteemed position in the legal community
• Accessibility and availability
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At The Scopel Law Firm, we know the decision on which St. Louis criminal justice attorney you select is an important one. Rand Scopel can assess your case and present a plan to solve your legal issue. Call us today at (314) 291-8555 or complete our online contact form to schedule your initial consultation.




St. Louis, MO Criminal Justice Attorney